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1 the boundary of a specific area [syn: limit, demarcation line]
2 a conceptual separation or demarcation; "there is a narrow line between sanity and insanity" [syn: line, dividing line, contrast]

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  1. The act of marking off a boundary or setting a limit; a limit; the strict separation of the type of work done by members of different trade unions.


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Demarcation is the act of creating a boundary around a place or thing.
Demarcation may also refer to:
  • Demarcation line, a temporary border between the countries
  • Demarcation problem, the question of what theories or beliefs lie within the boundaries of science
  • Demarcation dispute, may arise when two different trade unions both claim the right to represent the same class or group of workers
  • Demarcation point, in telephony, the point at which the telephone company network ends and connects with the wiring at the customer premises
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